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Does anyone know of any websites or blogs where I can contact amateur talent in Reno, NV?
I am trying to produce a live weekly comic soap opera to act as a showcase for the talents of local actors and writers wanting to make the transition from amatuer to professional.
I would certainly try using, it has five search engines in one and just keep searching. Good luck to ya!
Are there some sites where I can write amateur stories and get critics from others? ?
I was thinking something like deviantart.
The thing is I don't really write fanfiction, I write stories, poems and similar which Ive come up with so i can't go to the fanfic site. I can't go to deviantart either because it's supposed to be art and mine is ( to be honest) low quality, mary sue, pretentious bull poop :).

What I am trying to say is: are there sites( not blogs) that specificize( spelled wrong) in amateur writing and feedback.
Hi Violet,

I think would be just fine. There is no minimum for quality or even formality. I have submitted various poems and short stories of varying quality and tone. Deviantart really is a free-for-all and it has categories that allow you to indicate the subject or tone of your writing. It is permissible to submit writing anywhere from very formal to crass and explicit. Writers can also rate their writing with a system just like movies have, with ratings similar to G, PG, PG-13, R, NR, and NSFW (Not Safe For Work).
How can I make money as an amateur web designer?
I really need some extra money. I can create CSS-based layouts, especially for blogs, etc. Can anyone please just explain what I should do first?
find dumb companies who are not tech savvy, sell yourself and try and judge what they think will be a reasonable price.
show examples of your work and make it as convenient as possible for them.
Is the book The God Delusion a lame, academically unconvincing, rhetorical, and presumptuously biased book ?
wow - this book that I had heard so much about finally I got it, and what a piece of trash it was, giving citations from amateur blogs, and wikis, wow. The substance and the arguments are very unimpressive and completely lacking any scholarly or academic prowess -
There have been many intelligent atheists in the history of knowledge, but Richard Dawkins is not one of them. What is your personal opinion ?
I agree that it is unconvincing as a purely argumentative work. It touches briefly on a variety of topics relevant to atheism, religion and society, too much to do a single argument justice. I think it was hyped to the point where a lot of reader's expectations were simply to high. Sure he's no Bertrand Russell, but it got people talking about the issue so it accomplished what it was intended to do.
Digital Photography Blogs?
Hi! I am a total amateur just looking to take better pix on vacation. I have Kodak EasyShare V610 Dual Lens digital camera. It is small and easy to use, but I am certain that I could benefit from some good tutorials on consumer grade cameras. Know any good blogs?…………

I just looked up your specific camera, and it doesn't seem to have many controls. Looks fairly automatic. Some super basic tips that people forget about:

Stand in front of the sun and let it's rays fall upon your subject.

If its dark in/out, try to stabilize the camera on something solid so that the photo comes out crisp (the camera is exposing for longer if its dark so if you shook it would be blurry)

Your camera usually will adjust to make whatever is in the center of the frame as 18% gray or true neutral. This means that if your frame is dominated by shadows, the light meter is going to read those shadows as "normal" and then everything thats not a shadow is going to get much lighter while the shadow goes from black to gray. Same goes for if you have the sky in your photo, other parts are going to get darker so that the bright sky can be rendered neutral.

New Social Network for Amateur Musicians --- think this would work?
I own a domain called (not live or even accessible right now). I'm considering making it into a free social network for aspiring musicians that would connect musicians to fans and A&R reps with music companies....

It will have space for blogs, videos, buddy lists, downloads (even to sell), etc... everything the big guys have.

Any thoughts on the site, features, etc.... what would you want to see?
Hmm... How about something that gives its users real time updates on the music scene in their cities like bars, concerts, clubs and more, just like what does!
Are Yahoo Answers and other Web 2.0 communities eroding real knowledge and scholarship?
I am currently reading a book that is called "The Cult of the Amateur". It is written by an ex silicon valley insider and has an extremely interesting take on the proliferation of amateur advice and information.

He claims that the current web communities that do not put any weight into credentials or fact checking are putting forth an irreparable amount of misinformation. Because there is no accountability on the website none of the rules of good writing or journalism need apply to the writers.

Also the commentary on the news and other events has so overshadowed the actual news and primary pieces of literature that they are losing sales. If the trend continues eventually secondary commentary will actually bankrupt the source of its news.

Personally, do you think that communities for and by amateurs, yahoo answers, wikipedia, blogs, are eroding knowledge, truth, and traditional media sources?
Knowledge cannot be eroded, merely forgotten, or untapped.

Good argument for the credentialed, schooled and privileged.

Begs to ask, "so there is no knowledge that can come from someone without a piece of paper, from another person, saying they know what they are speaking about, and you do not?"

That said, I dislike talkers who obviously don't know what they are talking about. In my case if I don't know, I don't try to pretend. I ask questions of those who are educated or are doing the thing discussed.
Is Yahoo! being irresponsible putting blogs on the front page?
Yahoo is a major website. I have had my homepage set to Yahoo since I first got the internet. But pseudo-journalism is ubiquitous on the web and I am disappointed that Yahoo chooses to post these blogs on the front page in the highlights section. Reading these headlines, one might assume that these are columns or articles from respected journalists. Now wonder so much ignorance and false information is spread around these days like contagion. I feel Yahoo has a responsibility to its readers to clearly separate and differentiate the Blogs from the valid Journalism sites/entries. You know what a blog is most times, someone "hears" something (or reads something form another blog) and decides to weigh in with their amateur or unresearched opinion. often on significant matters. Millions tune in these websites and digest this gossip, later excreting it at their workplaces and social settings as if it is gospel. Tsk Tsk Tsk on Yahoo! What can be done?
Yahoo has been going down the tubes ever since the whole Jerry Yang/Microsoft debacle.

They are being irresponsible by putting blogs on the front page! It is almost as bad as SFgate!
Do men ever get to marry amateur gourmet chefs?
Do men ever get to marry women who are amazing at cooking.Those who can make BBQ brisket, cocktail, any type of meat, sandwiches/paninis, steaks, fish/chicken dishes and desserts such as creme brulee/tiramisu/cheesecake/chocolate mousse. The type of person whomakesfresh jams, cream cheeses and breads.

I think women get these type of men more often. Even if the man is the breadwinner he cooks.

BUT if you look at all food blogs 95% of the owners and responders and one posting recipes and pictures are women not men.

How does this match up?

Even women agree with me

"im married to a chef and youre right. it is usually women who find these type of men."

Are more men cooking these days?
Are women sitting around drinking while men slave away in the kitchen?

"My brother is an amateur gourmet cook who married a woman who burns toast and a girlfriend of mine lived exclusively on tomato and mayonnaise sandwiches before I moved in. Anecdotal evidence suggests that your observation is correct."
My husband is a pastry chef, he's been trained in all aspects of the kitchen and he is awesome. I make toast and cereal, that's about it. I think men are definitely cooking more today and what's nice is, most of them are actually quite good at it!
Where can i find bbal blogs.?
Hey all,
i'm wondering if any of you know any blogs on the net thats like speaking from the author's p.o.v on his basketball.
not sure if i've said clearly, but basically, say if i'm a bbal player and i blog about my progress, like after a basketball workout, i go to my blog and start typing how my day went, and maybe even add some videos on shootaround,etc...
you know what i mean? yeap. i'm trying to look for some. it can be amateur, beginner, pro, whatever.. maybe if you have a blog yourself you may want to tell me too!
thanks alot everyone!
my answer is try to check on this site it's help you a lot…

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