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What is safer an open or closed Anal sacculectomy?
What is the safest method of removing anal sacs in a dog with the shortest recovery time and the least amount of complications. The open or closed method?
My dogs anal is very swelled up and his butt whole is very open what is wrong?
We found our dog with a lot of poo stuck on the hair of his butt we cleaned it but his anal is swelled up and its also red and his whole is very dialated. It also seems to be itchy because he rubs his butt on the ground.
Is he intact? Dogs can get a rectal prolapse if they have an enlarged prostate. He does need to see a vet. If he strains from prostate issues, it can cause a perianal hernia.

Even if it is just irritation from the feces that were there, he needs some antibiotics to help clear it up. But an enlarged prostate in a male can be a big problem in dogs, so he needs to see his vet.

There is always the possibility that it is his anal glands infected too. They would need to be drained and some antibiotics.
Can I bath my dog with an infected anal gland that was expressed and has an open sore?
The infected gland was big and the vet broke the skin to let out the infection, just wondering if I can bath her even though there is stuff leaking out?
Submerging your dog into warm water will promote drainage and may even alleviate some pain.
If you are reluctant to do so at the very least warm compress the area as much as 5 times a day for 10 minutes X3 days

Poor pooch!
She is lucky to have you worrying over her.
Is she on antibiotics like baytril?

Add: Soaking in warm water only without soap or shampoos is my recommendation.
We routinely do this in hospital after an anal gland has abcessed or been lanced as it does promote healing
How can I open my man up to the idea of anal play?
I've never confronted him about pleasuring him that way....what should I say?
Have you ever watched it being done on TV? Have you 2 ever watched xxx rated movies? Do it that way, Say your watching the movie, and the woman in the movie is taking it that way from her partner, just come off the wall and say 'I wonder if that feels good?, it looks like it does. See what his reaction is? Maybe say I wouldnt mind trying that to see what the fuss is all about and then get up and go get something to drink, while you leave him thinking about waht you said. Most likely he will say something. I hope things work out for you, you both will like it once you have done it.
How do you open a dogs anal glands?
seriously asking how do you do this
Get a vet or a dog groomer to show you how. Unfortunately it can put your dog at risk, you could burst his anal glands.
My dog had sluggish anal glands which led to big problems. I thought that the sluggishness was due to sloppy poos. I searched for a suitable diet and I have now found one. It is grain free, dairy free and beef free. The fibre which they use is beet pulp, it called Fish4Dogs. Try this of something similar and it might help your dog to empty his AG's.
Will mollies open their anal vents before birthing?
have two mollies (dalmatians) ones is alot bigger and fuller looking than the other..i think she is a female even though her anal fin looks funny. it looks like a fan and a gondopodium..hard to describe i know..but she/he has a big open this molly pregnant and fixing to birth or do males have this also? my other molly does not have a big open vent, and it has a longer anal fin..its anus? looks normal, not open and big..but my other molly looks like you could stick something in her vent..its that opened up..what do you think? sorry i have no pictures to show camera is tore up..but my mollies do not look like the female mollies i have seen in the big open fan like a seashell..can female mollies hold their anal fins close to their bodies without fanning them out?? please help me i have never had fish before..i need information on the anal vents..10 points best answer!!
From what Ive seen, Maybe, But probably not unless your fish is giving birth but also has an odd condition.. And if by now she hasnt given birth, shes probably constapated or has a virus of some sort.
I have a pregnant mollie but she hasnt given birth yet and they can get pregnant for over 2 months ive heard.
How do I ask my Girlfriend if she is open to anal sex?
I want to try it and would like to get some tips on how to make her feel comfortable.
Use your mouth first. (Pun intended.)
Why are human skin colored slightly brown around the anal opening?
Why are human skin colored slightly brown around the anal opening?
So you can find it.

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